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Updated: 7/22/21

The follow campgrounds are currently under mandatory evacuation orders, evacuation warnings, or are otherwise closed due to conditions created by nearby fires until the dates listed below:

Haskins Valley Campground         At least Monday August 9th (opening date pending)

Cool Springs Campground            At least Monday August 9th (opening date pending)

Ponderosa Campground               At least Monday August 9th (opening date pending)

Philbrook Campground                  At least Monday August 1st (opening date pending)

Upper & Lower Blue Lakes           At least Monday August 1st (opening date pending)

Middle Creek Campgrounds        At least Monday August 1st (opening date pending)       

Rocky Point Campground             At least Monday August 1st (opening date pending)

Last Chance Campground             At least Monday August 1st (opening date pending)

We will be monitoring the situation and reevaluating to determine when the camps may reopen.

Reservations canceled due to these closures will be issued a full refund as quickly as possible and we will reach out by phone and e-mail with updated confirmations. 

Fire Evacuated first come first serve (FCFS) guests who want a refund should send an email with their info on where they stayed, dates, and amount of refund requested to Claudai@americanll.com. For questions, please contact American Land and Leisure (AL&L) Headquarters at 801-226-3564 (Ext 0) and ask for Kim. 


Group Campground Closures

With the exception of Kidd Lake and Bear Valley Group camps, all group camps are currently closed and will remain closed for the 2021 season, due to COVID-19.  Kidd Lake and Bear Valley Group Camps are available for reservations for stays between July 2nd through the Reservation Season Close date.

Family camps are now fully open, including a larger percentage of reservations, but still with plenty of first come first serve sites. Campers will be able to make reservations for stays through the Reservation Season Close date, usually after Labor Day weekend.

Critically dry conditions may affect reservoirs and recreation facilities

California is in its third driest year on record, with the critically dry conditions affecting lakes and reservoirs throughout the state. Please be aware that this will likely impact the PG&E recreation facilities.  Lower lake and reservoir levels can expose previously unseen hazards and therefore requires more caution when recreating and may necessitate the closure of some facilities.  To learn more about river and lake levels, please visit the California Department of Water Resources website, and check back at pge.com/recreation for updates on PG&E recreation facilities.

2022 Campsite Fee Changes

PG&E has not increased fees for most of its managed campsites in over 10 years. To continue to provide clean and well-maintained facilities and customer-based services, PG&E will be increasing its campsite fees in 2022. The increases are based on market assessment of similar types of federal, state, and private campsites located within California.

2022 campsite fees can be found by clicking the Opening & Closing Dates AND FEE SCHEDULE button in the upper right corner of this page.   Fee changes are only occurring at developed recreation sites and not at primitive/dispersed camping areas campsites where operation and maintenance fees are not collected. 

Updated information regarding dates and fee can be reviewed by clicking the "Opening & Closing Dates" link in the upper right corner of this page. 

Please continue to check our website for updated information. 

Frequently Asked Questions!

When will the fee increase take affect? How do I cancel my reservation? What FIRE RESTRICTIONS are in place because of wildfire risk? What is the 14 day maximum stay rule? Can we show up for our reservation late? What is the cancellation / change policies? What are the RULES for the PG&E campgrounds? What are the RULES for the PG&E Day Use Areas? Can I reserve a First-Come First-Served campsite? What if I don't have an account? Can I bring my pet? How do I make a reservation?