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 Due to the extremely heavy and late snow load this year, many facilities will open later than usual.  This has pushed facility clean-up and maintenance/safety activities later than normal, adding to the late start of the recreation season.  The dates available for reservations have been adjusted in an effort to minimize the need for cancellations as a result of late snow melt and/or winter damage cleanup and repair.  Please check the PG&E Recreation Webpage regularly for updates on camp openings.

Reservations made between Monday April 1, 2019 and Sunday April 14, 2019 of 7 nights or more at group campgrounds and individual campsites are not refundable at any time for full or partial refunds. 

*North Shore Campground  water system is currently down until further notice. Be prepared to bring water with you to last the duration of your stay. The camping fee is being reduced during this time.

* Lodgepole  will be closed for the entire 2019 season in suport of a dam repair project. Normal camping schedule is expected to resume in 2020.

Spaulding Lake Recreation Area Lake Spaulding will be OPEN for the 2019 season.

* Upper Blue Lake 2019 Closure  Due to planned work at Upper Blue Lake Dam and surrounding campgrounds all recreation located around Upper Blue Lake* will be closed to the public for the entire 2019 season. Recreation around Lower Blue Lake will be open.

The closures include the following campgrounds: Middle Creek, Middle Creek Expansion, Upper Blue Lake Dam Site, Upper Blue Lake Dam Site Expansion, Upper Blue Lake. The closure includes access to the Grouse Lake/Granite Lake Trailhead and all boat ramp access to Upper Blue Lake.


PG&E's Belden Day Use Area in the Feather River Canyon along Hwy 70 will be closed to public access beginning March 15, 2018 to approximately October 2019 due to a highway project by Caltrans that proposes to reconstruct the Hwy 70 bridge over Yellow Creek.  The PG&E day use facility will be used as a construction staging area by Caltrans for this project and will be closed to public use during the term of the project.  Caltrans will provide alternate recreation parking and portable toilets during the project at a site across the Belden Bridge in Belden.  This temporary day use parking site will be located on PG&E property along Howells Rd and is intended to allow for continued public use of area trails and stream/river reaches during the project.  Caltrans will provide signage in the area directing users to the alternate recreation parking site as well as how to access area trails around the construction closure. For highway project information please contact the Caltrans Public Information Officer at D2PIO@dot.ca.gov.


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