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Road Conditions - The winter conditions have caused several damaged roads throughout PG&E service territory. Check the local road conditions prior to your campground visit as several roads are closed or have detours.  


Rocky Point Campground – loop 2 (sites 68-102) is closed until further notice due to a large hazard tree containing an osprey nest.  Ospreys are protected by the State and Federal Laws and it is PG&E’s policy to comply with all Environmental Regulations as well as being a steward of the environment. Reservations have been canceled through 7/6. If you have further questions, please contact us at recinfo@pge.com.


Haskins - Reservations have been canceled through 6/18. If you have further questions, please contact us at recinfo@pge.com.


Ponderosa- Reservations have been canceled through 6/9 for sites 36-57. If you have further questions, please contact us at recinfo@pge.com.


Cool Springs - Cool Springs Campground will have a late opening due to storm damage. Reservations have been canceled through 6/30. If you have further questions, please contact us at recinfo@pge.com.


  Northshore Campground has been affected by the years of drought.  This has caused a large die off of a majority of the pines throughout the Campground.  For public safety, PG&E has removed all the die off that has occurred causing the landscape of the Campground to be much different than year’s past and there is less shade available in the campground.  Much of the Oaks still remain throughout.  If you have further questions, please contact us at recinfo@pge.com.


 Lake Pillsbury – Trout Creek Campground is closed due to road damage and reservations have been canceled. Elk Mountain Road/Eel River Road (the County Road) between Potter Valley and Lake Pillsbury is currently closed due to erosion damage.  The only access to Lake Pillsbury is Elk Mountain Road from Upper Lake.  For more information visit http://www.co.lake.ca.us/Government/Directory/Public_Works/Roads.htm and click “road conditions” on the left.



Camping may still be available at some campgrounds after the reservation season has closed. Please see the open/closed list at pge.com/recreation.



Click the camping tab and select a park from the drop down menu.  View the map of California to see the location of our campgrounds.



Most of our campgrounds are at higher elevations and therefore are not open year round.Typically they open in the spring soon after snow melt and they generally close in the fall when temperatures drop and camper use decreases. The actual opening  and closing dates for each campground is dependent on the elevation and weather so our estimated dates are subject to change.



Some of ourcampgrounds offer reservations in addition to first come first serve camping.  At these campgrounds, since weather and snow melt are so unpredictable, our reservation season is shorter than our camping season. For example, at a particular campground we may plan to open the gates to first come first servecampers on May 1st but we may not begin our reservation season at that campground until May 20th. We’re trying to minimize the chances that we’ll have to cancel a reservation you made due to weather conditions or snow melt. Where possible, our typical reservation season starts the Monday before Memorial weekend and closes a week after Labor Day weekend.



Create an account for easy access to your reservations.  Go to "My Account" at the top/right of the page to set up an account using your email address and passwod.